"If a writer or craftsman has felt the urge or commitment to express his feeling in a tangible way, you too have an obligation to observe this work and further it in your own time."

by Liz and Colin Murray

Hand Crafted Incense Holders

Hand Crafted Incenese Holders


Unique hand-crafted wooden Incense Holders made by our local Wicklow wood turner.

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Product Details

Our Incense holders are all made from wind/storm-damaged trees from all over Ireland which are then kiln-dried and skillfully crafted into wonderful bespoke pieces by our local Wicklow wood turner. Each piece is beautifully unique and individual adding that extra bit of charm.

Due to this process, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature to give us the trees we need. This means different types of wood will be available all throughout the year. We will, however, stick with certain types of hard woods which include Spalted Beech, Cherry, Pear, Walnut & Ash. This will allow us to make even more unique items with amazing natural patterns and colours.

Wood Types

Spalted Beech

Spalted Beech, also referred to as Truffle Beech is one of the most unique and rare woods available. As with all species, every tree has distinct characteristics, but spalting alters the tree’s appearance in ways that cannot be replicated. Spalting of beech is wood colouration caused by fungi. Although primarily found in dead trees, spalting can also occur in living trees under stress.

Beech Tree Spiritual Connection

Beech heralds a time of stepping into our true power as a person of peace and integrity. We are being asked to speak our truth and to use our power wisely.

Beech can signify the death or end of something but also stands for the changes that arise through realization. Since its gift is the relevance of experience, the presence of Beech in a reading suggests you should cross the threshold that is challenging you, gain experience from the unknown, seek revelation and increase your knowledge.


Walnut wood has very unique characteristics due to its dark colouring and amazing patterns which are created from the significant amount of knots found in this wood. Traditionally used in furniture making because the finish is so smooth and makes it look more beautiful.

Walnut Tree Spiritual Connection

Walnut reminds us to use discernment as we navigate through times of challenge, loss and misfortune. The walnut spirit reminds us that during times of adversity we must rely on our inner ability to discern between the forces that will help us and those that will not.

Right now, our focus is better spent on emotional and spiritual development versus power or financial gain. By improving our personal sense of worth and having faith in our self we will be better equipped to discern our next step.


Ash wood can be easily distinguished from other types of wood by its structure, colour and grain. Ash is mostly light-coloured; the outer layers have a slightly yellowish colour.

Ash wood is used especially when elasticity and strength are required. Manufacturers use the special properties of ash wood for bent parts in boat construction, furniture construction and sports equipment construction. Traditionally used for Hurley making in Ireland for over 100 years.

Ash Tree Spiritual Connection

Ash trees are associated with life force energy, creative expression and the power of the spoken word. They inspire us to sense the energy of the words we hear to understand their true meaning.

Ash asks us to be aware of our breath and our words for they fuel our life force. Trees are often referred to as the lungs of our planet for they breathe in what we breathe out. In this way, we fuel each other. This is a time of spiritual transformation. We are being asked to make choices that impact us on a material level, but are equally important to our soul.


Cherry is a deciduous hardwood that possesses a fine, straight grain ranging from reddish brown to blond. This type of wood is highly sought-after by both professionals and homeowners, as is a beautiful type of wood that is easy to work with. It also becomes darker and richer with age.

Cherry Tree Spiritual Connection

Cherry heralds a time of sweetness, love and harmony. The cherry spirit teaches us to embrace the sweetness and grace of life while practising non-attachment.

According to legend, the mother of Buddha was supported by a holy Cherry tree as she gave birth. The symbol of the ruby-red Cherry is also popular in western culture and the gift of a Cherry tree is said to bring good fortune and future happiness in the days to come!


The pear wood is hard and very dense, reddish in colour. From the Middle Ages, it was used for moulds and until the twentieth century for technical drawing tools. It was also used to make flutes and sculptures, as it is very suitable for turning.

Pear Tree Spiritual Connection

Pear signifies a time of loss, difficulty or separation, but it also asks us to look at our life from a different perspective.

The spirit of the pear tree invites us to see that true unity is a continual process of joining and separating. In the Taoist tradition, this concept is known as Yin and Yang, or the harmony of opposites.

How To Use

Place the insence stick in the hole provided. Ensure the stick is placed over the catchment area and light.

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