Huni Kuin Sacred Rapé(Peruvian Rapeh)


This is a strong and powerful sacred rapé with instant third eye openings, for present moment awareness, gratitude, divine connection and calm.
HAUX HAUX “gratitude”

The Huni Kuin Tribe

“The Genuine People” are a tribe from the state of Acre spreading across both Peru and Brazil. We have connected with the tribe and their medicines and we have worked together to bring their exclusive rape medicine to the west. In turn, this generates income for the tribe which is appreciated. The Huni Kuin tribe are happy to share their medicines with the Western World as they feel the world needs much healing from the recent sufferings of these times.
Our batches of Huni Kuin rape medicine are exclusive to each batch and will never be replicated, once one batch finishes we will receive a new exclusive blend made by Shaman Kawa and his tribe.
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