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The Be Kind Experience - Early Bird Ticket

The Be Kind Experience - Early Bird Ticket

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Welcome to The Be Kind Experience, a wellness celebration marking the 1st birthday of Be Kind Industries. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Belmont Demesne in the picturesque Co. Wicklow, this event promises a day filled with positivity, inspiration, and connection. As we step into the New Year, what better way to kickstart 2024 than by immersing yourself in a holistic experience that nourishes both body and soul?

The Be Kind Experience is a culmination of a year-long journey, embodying the spirit of Be Kind Industries – a company dedicated to promoting well-being and kindness in every aspect of life. This special day invites attendees to explore the vast landscape of wellness through a variety of activities and experiences. From mindful practices to delicious and nutritious food offerings, every element is curated to foster a sense of balance and harmony.

One of the highlights of The Be Kind Experience is the lineup of six guest speakers, each bringing their very own unique energy and expertise to the stage. These speakers, hailing from diverse fields within the wellness industry, will share insights, stories, and practical tips to inspire attendees on their personal journeys toward well-being. Whether it's mental health, nutrition, fitness, or mindfulness, there's something for everyone to take away and incorporate into their New Year Resolutions or Intentions.

As we gather in Belmont Demesne, surrounded by the natural beauty of Co. Wicklow, The Be Kind Experience becomes a sanctuary for self-discovery and growth. It's not just an event; it's an opportunity to reset, recharge, and realign with the values that matter most. So, come join us on this joyous occasion as we celebrate not only the anniversary of Be Kind Industries but also the beginning of a new chapter in your well-being journey.

Event Details - 7th January 2024, Belmont Demense, Co. Wicklow.

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