Our Story


Here at Be Kind Industries we’ve made it our job to help you Be Kind to yourself – Body, Mind & Spirit. Our number one mission is to promote and encourage healthy well-being to lead a fulfilling life with a positive mindset. We believe in sourcing the most ethical and natural products and plant medicines available.

The journey began when we set out for salvation in the Wicklow Mountain’s trails throughout the lockdowns. We absolutely fell in love with the beautiful surroundings & historical sites while connecting with Wicklow’s deep routed spirituality. We found peace, serenity and joy.

In parallel we were going on an inner and outer spiritual journey and our obsession with incense was becoming problematic. We stumbled across some natural hand rolled blends from India, these guys were devoted to supplying the Temples of Mysore, India for over 200 years. We developed a strong connection.

From there stemmed the birth child of merging all of our passions, Wicklow, Incense, Meditation, Yoga, Spiritual Practice & Hiking. So we try and honour them all within our brand concept with kindness at the core.