Collection: Incense holders

Here at Be Kind, we love a good 'ol collaboration. Utilising the skills & knowledge of some of the finest artisan creators in Ireland we have teamed up with to create some wonderful holders for our Luxury Incense

Our custom-made luxury incense holders are all made from wind/storm-damaged trees from all over Ireland, which are then kiln-dried and skillfully crafted into wonderful bespoke pieces by our local Wicklow wood turner. Each piece is beautifully unique, and individual adding that extra bit of charm.

Our Seed Of Life incense holders are made with our good friends up at Coolree Design in Co. Kildare. Made from the finest American Walnut & Irish Ash each holder is a testament to Coolree Design's reverence for nature's artistry, showcasing the intricate and unique tapestry of wood grains, a testament to the very essence of the material itself.

Our budget-friendly incense holders are procured from our neighbors at Bomar, located in Co. Wicklow. These holders feature an array of spiritual symbols and intricate patterns, meticulously crafted to support and elevate your spiritual practices.incense holders are sourced locally from Bomar, our neighbours situated here in Co. Wicklow. Each of these holders is adorned with an array of diverse spiritual symbols and intricate patterns, designed to enhance and complement your spiritual practices.